Tap & Pay for Train & Bus Rides with Contactless Card

What is Account-Based Ticketing (ABT)?

Mastercard® has partnered the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and TransitLink to introduce Mastercard contactless payments on trains and buses.

ABT enables commuters to use their credit or debit cards with Mastercard contactless function for fare payments. There will be no need for upfront top-ups and your train and bus fares will be processed and charged to your credit or debit card bill.



What are the benefits of ABT?

There is no need for a separate transit card and no more top-ups required when your balance runs low.

In addition, ABT allows you to track your journey and fare history via the TransitLink ABT Portal or TransitLink Mobile Services app.

How can I participate in the pilot?

step 1

Step 1
Create an Account

step 2

Step 2
Add your Mastercard
contactless card

step 3

Step 3
Start using your card
for train and bus rides

Register for ABT today!

For more information, visit our FAQ page.

Here are 3 useful tips when you tap and go
Take your card out before you tap
Avoid card clash and paying the wrong fare.
No top-ups and no extra charges
Travel smarter with the same adult fare as your travel cards.
Fare charges and travel history at your fingertips
Visit TransitLink ABT Portal or TransitLink Mobile Services app to view your aggregated fare charges.